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www.helpsavevirginia.com was a website dedicated to Virginia. The topics discussed were varied and diverse such as growing gang violence and over crowding was a major consideration. Other considerations were zoning violations and the overall general safeness of living in Virginia.

loyal or feline!

Many people have contacted me and said that they have had a similar experience of a cat appearing at their house. Apparently many  cats appear to have a main house that they live at but they do visit a couple of other houses on their day today strolls. they are not like dogs who are not called mans best friend for no reason. They really are loyal pets. Cats on the other hand appear to go wherever the food or the strokes are available often being thought of as a lost cat. This is not to say that their main owners aren’t appreciated just maybe conveniently forgotten if something better come along!

Saving the lost

I could not believe my eyes the other day. I was beavering away cooking tea for the family when in through the back door walked a cat. It can’t have been more than a few years old,  but it walked in bold as brass. I assume the smell of the mackerel that I was cooking was too much for it not to investigate. I knew all the neighbors well and wasn’t aware of any of them owning this cat.  The problem was it wouldn’t leave.I ushered it out the door but all it did was meow outside the back door. This went on for some days. It got me thinking about the lost cat and how upset my mother would be if her beloved feline became lost. Luckily my son decided to go and knock on all of the doors in the nearby vicinity with a picture on his phone and showed the people,  and we located the owners who were very relieved as by this point it had  been the best part of four days. I have to say a little name and number on a collar would have avoided the situation and I made sure my mothers cat was up to date. It certainly helps reunite found cats with its owner sooner